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Master Project Scheduling

Church Design and Development / Master Project Scheduling

Skilled Project Scheduling Flow

Church Design & Construction maintains an ongoing Master Project Schedule to insure all parties are informed on the current and future process. This aspect of our services is critical. Many congregations get very restless as the project moves forward without any physical site changes. It is imperative that the church leadership and the congregation be kept well informed on the realistic Master Project Schedule and its milestones.

A church development project is a long term endeavor. CD&C separates the development process into 7 separate phases. The following is an illustration of the 7 phases which include a total of “78” line items.  The Master Project Schedule is general and may not be specific to your project.

Phase 1: Feasibility Study, Schematic Plans, General Scope Identification, Preliminary Budgeting.

1. Scope of Work Identification
2. Schematic Site Drawings of Existing
3. Schematic Floor Plan Drawings of Existing
4. Schematic Elevation Drawings of Existing
5. Schematic Site Plan Drawings of Proposed
6. Schematic Floor Plan Drawings of Proposed
7. Schematic Elevation Plan Drawings of Proposed
8. Government Research & Discussions
9. Preliminary Budgeting
10. Funding Coordination
11. Feasibility Study
12. Development Management for Phase 1

Phase 2: Planning & Entitlements

13. Planning Application Processing
14. Government Fees
15. Preliminary Site Drawings of Existing
16. Preliminary Floor Plan Drawings of Existing
17. Preliminary Elevation Drawings of Existing
18. Preliminary Site Plan Drawings of Proposed
19. Preliminary Floor Plan Drawings of Proposed
20. Preliminary Elevation Plan Drawings of Proposed
21. Site Boundary Survey
22. Artistic Renderings
23. Preliminary Landscaping Plan
24. City/County Required Studies
25. Use Description
26. Owner Narrative
27. Parking Study
28. Traffic Study
29. Political Relations
30. Public / Neighbor Relations
31. Planning Hearing
32. Appeals Hearing
33. Development Management for Phase 2 (3 months)

Phase 3: Architecture & Engineering

34. General Design
35. Civil Engineering
36. Soils Testing
37. Government Fees
38. Structural Engineering
39. HVAC Engineering
40. Plumbing Engineering
41. Electrical Engineering
42. Title 24 Calculations
43. Finish Schedule
44. Landscape Design & Specifications
45. Interior Design
46. Special Testing and Inspections
47. Development Management for Phase 3

Phase 4: Permit Processing

48. Print 10 Sets of Plans for Agencies
49. Print 20 Sets of Plans For Pre-Estimates
50. Fill Out Plan Check Application(s)
51. Plan Check Fees
52. Submit Plans For Review
53. Obtain Plan Corrections
54. Re-submit Plans for Review
55. Obtain Plan Corrections
56. Re-submit Plans for Review
57. Obtain Plan Corrections
58. Pay Applicable Permit Fees
59. Pay Applicable School Fees
60. Obtain Permits
61. Development Management for Phase 4

Phase 5: Final Construction Bidding

62. Print 30 Sets of Plans
63. Invite Pre-Qualified General & Subcontractors
64. Solicit Bids From Material Suppliers
65. Solicit Bids From Labor Companies
66. Create A Spread Sheet With All Bids Listed
67. Qualify Scope Of Work On All Bids
68. Pre-Select Preferred Vendor For Each Area
69. Present All Information To Project Owner
70. Issue Agreements to Vendors
71. Development Management for Phase 5

Phase 6: Construction

72. Create Construction Schedule
73. Issue Subcontractor / Vendor Agreements
74. Obtain Subcontractor / Vendor Licenses
75. Obtain Subcontractor / Vendor Insurances
76. Construct Offsite Improvements
77. Construct Onsite Improvements
78. Development Management for Phase 6

Phase 7: Post-Construction

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