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Final Construction Bidding

Church Design and Development / Final Construction Bidding

Phase 5:  Final Construction Bidding

Building Permits Completed

The Final Construction Bidding takes place after the plans have been approved and are permit ready. Pre-Bidding before the final approved plans has typically taken place however it is absolutely critical that all construction bidders be sure that their scope of work and pricing is based on the final set of drawings, the “approved set”.

The project is bid to Material Suppliers, Subcontractors, General Building Contractors and Engineering Contractors. The wide range of bid types gives Church Design & Construction the ability to break down the project in a manner that best suits the project to save time and money.

Phase 5 – Final Construction Bidding

1. Print 30 Sets of Plans
2. Invite Pre-Qualified General & Subcontractors
3. Solicit Bids From Material Suppliers
4. Solicit Bids From Labor Companies
5. Create A Spread Sheet With All Bids Listed
6. Qualify Scope Of Work On All Bids
7. Pre-Select Preferred Vendor For Each Area
8. Present All Information To Project Owner
9. Issue Agreements to Vendors
10. Development Management for Phase 5