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About Us

About Eddie Hodges

Eddie Hodges has been working in the field of real estate development for over 20 years. Over this time, Eddie has continued to grow and become an accomplished and well-respected expert. Eddie’s current specialty is to manage projects from the early concept stage to final completion. Eddie performs on many different project sizes including smaller one-time projects to larger, phased multi-million dollar projects.

Eddie chooses to focus his efforts on helping develop individual Churches who desire to grow and expand their mission. Additionally, Eddie only chooses to work with a limited number of churches each year in order to provide a high quality service to each and every client.

Eddie focuses first on helping the church to make the best decisions possible for moving forward on a project. Eddie then brings skilled development management to every phase of the project and to all of the involved support teams, utilizing his extensive construction experience along with the commitment to achieving the best possible result for the church.

Summarized are some of Eddie’s professional credentials, certifications, licenses and association memberships..



Pepperdine School of Law
AIA Certificate
Real Estate License
Harvard Business School
International Code Council Certificate
State Contractors License


My Credentials

AIA American Institute of Architects

Eddie originally became a member of the American Institute of Architects in 1996. Working closely with the project design teams is a critical part of the Development process. Creating a design that is of quality yet serves the project owners’ needs within the project budget is vital to a project’s success.

Pepperdine  University School of Law

Eddie’s law school studies have been focused in the area of Dispute Resolution. Pepperdine School of Law, and specifically the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, have been ranked #1 and are world renowned within the legal community. This education has given Eddie the tools to process real estate developments in a manner which greatly reduce s conflict among the many parties involved in the process.

HBS Harvard Business School

Eddie lived on campus during his studies at HBS and considers Harvard to be the cornerstone of his education. At Harvard, Eddie has learned a myriad of proven business practices. This unique education at Harvard has greatly helped Eddie become a better business person , which ultimately benefits each and every development project.

ICC International Code Council

In 2003, Eddie became a Certified General Building Inspector for t he purpose of increasing his personal knowledge of building codes and practices. This accomplishment gives Eddie additional insight to develop successful projects.

California Bureau of Real Estate

In 1991 Eddie was issued his original Real Estate Broker’s License from the California Department of Real Estate. Being a Real Estate Broker gives Eddie the authority and knowledge to process real estate and loan transactions. Many real estate developments involve real estate transactions and loans. Having this credential gives Eddie the ability to better serve the project at hand.


Contractors State Licensing Board

Additionally, Eddie has qualified for, tested and applied for, received and retains the following licenses:

1.  General Engineering Contractors License (A)

A general engineering contractor’s principal business is in fixed works requiring specialized engineering knowledge and skill, including (but not limited to) irrigation, drainage, water supply, flood control, highways, streets and roads, sewers and systems, parks, playgrounds and other recreational works, and similar areas of engineering knowledge and skill, as well as the land leveling and earth moving projects, excavating, grading, trenching, paving and surfacing work and cement and concrete works associated with it.

2.  General Building Contractors License (B)

A general building contractor’s principal business is in connection with any structure built, being built, or to be built, for the support, shelter, and enclosure of persons or movable property of any kind, requiring the use of at least two unrelated building trades or crafts, or to do or superintend the whole or any part such as framing or carpentry. The licensed general building contractor may take prime or subcontract work that conforms to the strict standards of the use of licensed trades and crafts involved, and other requirements set by the CSLB.

Contractor License – Lic# 900938